Original, restored and updated machines available. For photos please click Here.

We are proud to have provided the original machines to the New York Public Library's 2012-2013 show Lunch Hour: Special thanks to Steve Stollman for loaning the museum the machines.
The Automat goes to the movies: The Atlantic Cities, Remember the Automat

Celebration 100th anniversary of first Automat in NYC, Lunch Hour NYC, NYPL

The Automat was one of the wonders of New York. When Joe Horn and Frank Hardart opened their magnificent flagship on July 2, 1912-a two-story facade of stained glass, marble floors, and ornate carved ceilings, right in the middle of Times Square-the city was instantly captivated. Hungry? Drop a nickel in a slot, open the door to your chosen compartment, and pull your dish right out-a modern miracle! Sandwiches, hot dishes, and desserts were all freshly made, and the coffee was said to be the best in New York. By the 1940s there were Automat restaurants all over the city. Children and tourists adored them, office workers depended on them, retirees gathered in them, and New Yorkers with nothing to spend on lunch stirred free ketchup into hot water and called it soup.

Read more at Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Gottesman Exhibition Hall. June 22, 2012 through February 17, 2013

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The Automats were here back in 1912:

automat, n. | Gr. automatos, self-acting |
1. an apparatus for serving foods mechanically when a coin is dropped in a slot. 2. a restaurant having such apparatus in place

The pictures (above) is showing the original Horn & Hardart Automat in NYC.

A limited number of genuine Automat machines are salvaged and available for sale from the Automat Collection of Steve Stollman.

Said the Technocrat, to the Plutocrat To the Autocrat, and the Democrat --- "Let's all go eat at the Automat!"

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Revisiting the Era of Automatic Dining

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Meet Me at the Automat

Remember the Automat

Vanishing New York
And they are coming back, Now Available as Modern Vending Automat Machines!

For the Sales in the Untied States please Contact: Steve Stollman, Tel. 212 431 0600 or Email
Electronic monetary system NRI G-13; Turnover counter; Digital coin counter; 100% stainless steel construction.
Modern illumination of the vended products. Eight Compartments, each heated up to 90 degrees Celsius.
Digital temperature regulation (The preset temperature is automatically controlled); Cleaning button (easy cleaning).
Coin-section lock utilizing special key
Electric supply: 110V/220V / 50Hz / 280W; Dimensions: H 45.25", W 13.5", D 9.5", Weight: 45lb, 1 year Warranty.

Most recently the manufacturer, Martens Group of NL introduced some new improvements to name a few: seamless (no room for bacteria) boxes, energy saving LED illumination, PC interface, more room for various monetary systems, LCD screen, the best the machine now consumes only 314W.


new automat vending machinesautomat vending machines
The Automat is not limited to food only:

This vending machine can serve as a 24-hours gift, tennis or golfing items shop, a newspaper kiosk, photo shop, you name it. It can also sell cosmetics articles, aftershaves, nail polish and nail polish remover, perfumes, make-up, shirts, socks, shoe-laces, lighters, pens, notebooks, clocks, compact discs, tooth-brushes, etc.

It can also be a perfect sales force at Hotels, Airports, Train Stations, Bus Terminals, Ports, Service Stations, Schools, Hospitals, Department Stores, etc. 

For the Sales in the Untied States Contact: Steve Stollman, Tel. 212 431 0600 or Email


Decorate your new automate restaurant with unique and genuine Automate items. We have many original Automat units from Horn and Hardart Automat, some chairs, glasses, plates...etc. For more antiques please visit


Steve Stollman and Automatsoriginal automate chair


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automat painting by Edward Hopper



Please join Steve Stollman at Meet Me at the Automat event,

Monday 07/02/2012, 1 P.M., 1557 Broadway in Times Square

Press Release

Who: Steve Stollman 212 431 0600

What: Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the first Horn and Hardart Automat in New York City

Where: In front of 1557 Broadway, the site of the first Automat

When: From 1PM to 3PM, Monday July 2, 2012

On July 2nd 1912, at 1557 Broadway in Times Square, the first of New York City's remarkable chain of low-priced but high quality restaurants opened. For nearly a century the 40 Horn and Hardart Automats scattered around NYC became some of the most well-known and well-loved elements of this place, extremely popular among tourists and residents alike. It is worth reflecting on its unique character and its influence on many aspects of our lives.

Steve Stollman, who for twenty years has been the only source and conservator of the last of these handsome and unique vending machines, that once were the primary symbol of this phenomenon, will provide information to those members of the press interested in giving the public a better picture of this New York City icon. He will provide copies of the book “The Automat” by Lorraine Diehl and Marianne Hardart, the best book available on this subject, to help them understand this issue better.

Some may wish to visit the recently-opened show at the New York Public Library on the history of lunch in NYC a few blocks away on 42nd street and 5th Avenue. The restored Automat fixtures on display there are strong evidence of the beauty and charm of these restaurants as well as the ability of some businesses and institutions to serve the real needs of the entire population, regardless of social station, with class and distinction. The library itself, as well as the Automat, is an excellent example of the important benefits that accrue to a society when its gifts can be made available to all rather than just the few.

Said the Technocrat, to the Plutocrat To the Autocrat, and the Democrat --- "Let's all go eat at the Automat!"


The Automat May Be Long Gone, But Its Recipes Are in Demand!


Automat food labels

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